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By David Macdonald

Afghanistan is the world's biggest manufacturer of opium and heroin. This ebook explores the devastating impression that the medication alternate has had at the Afghan humans. writer David Macdonald has labored as a medication consultant to the UN. according to his broad adventure, this booklet breaks down the myths surrounding the cultivation and intake of gear, supplying a close research of the heritage of drug use in the nation. He examines the influence of over 25 years of continuing clash, and indicates how poverty and instability has ended in a rise in medications intake. He additionally considers the new upward thrust within the use of pharmaceutical medicinal drugs, leading to risky chemical cocktails and analyses the influence of Afghanistan's drug alternate on neighbouring nations.

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We started chatting, and I explained that I had intended to travel to Afghanistan to complete a consultancy for UNDCP but had been thwarted by the Americans who had reached there first as their Cruise missiles crashed into terrorist training camps outside Jalalabad in reprisal for the bombing of American targets in east Africa. Instead, I had spent the time in Peshawar interviewing drug users and NGO staff before being evacuated back to Islamabad. ’ While subscribing to such national stereotypes may be a dubious and sometimes dangerous pastime, this phrase neatly encapsulates the polar complexities of the Afghan character paraphrased by Bergen as ‘medieval chivalry and medieval cruelty’.

It was only when one woman mentioned that her dying mother was in a nearby hospice being regularly administered heavy doses of the same drug, diacetylmorphine, to ease her suffering that they began to re-evaluate their position and look for other factors that may have contributed to the tragic and untimely deaths of their children. On a broader stage, the first international UN Convention on Drugs, the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, placed plantbased drugs such as opium and cocaine, grown mostly in southern countries, under the strictest schedule on the assumption that they should be considered hazardous or dangerous until proven not to be.

Public truth remains where it has always been, on the shadowy margins between media images and the ideologies of the powerful. The book’s main purpose is to try and clarify what drugs mean in Afghanistan and to the people who consume them, why they use them, and the types of problems that arise from their consumption. To understand how and why drugs are consumed by increasing numbers of Afghans it is also necessary to provide a glimpse of the convoluted dynamics and processes involved in the cultivation of opium and cannabis, the production and trafficking of heroin and hashish, the importation and availability of other psychoactive substances, and a brief description of the outlaw territory that is Afghanistan.

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