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Space or distance between dams x H S = 100 A - B in is as follows : which S = H = distance between checkdams in feet A B original slope of water in ditch in percent final slope of water in ditch in percent height of drop in feet for each checkdarr To locate the dams on the ground divide the length by the spacing. The first dam is always at bottom of the adverse grade. For example, suppose is desired to reduce the slope of an existing 550-foot di1 from 3 percent to 1 percent with checkdams. The che< dams are to have 1 foot of drop per dam.

When the outlet is below ground surface in flat terrain, water should be removed in a di lection adequate to prevent overflow until natural ground ele ion is reached. In digging culvert ditches or installing culverts frade, a reference string can be used. On a continuation of :ulvert centerline, long stakes are driven about 1 foot outs ;he inlet and outlet ends of the culvert. These stakes are marl it a given distance above the inlet and outlet ends of the culv ind a string is stretched between these marks (fig.

Use a pii open any closed notches so that the plain edge of the oth will easily slip into place. Straighten any bent flanges. c. Assembly Procedure. Distribute one bottom an< section for each 2 feet of culvert length along the line culvert is to be assembled. Begin assembly at the outlet culvert and lap each successive bottom section one-half i tion inside the previous bottom section (fig. 23). Simil successive top section is lapped one-half a corrugation 6. < tions for correct size. < previous section.

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