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By Donald Borror

One of many impressive difficulties of the biologist, even if he be starting pupil or experts, is that of figuring out technical phrases. tips on how to comprehend and bear in mind technical phrases is to appreciate first their part elements, or roots. This dictionary has been designed essentially to fulfill the wishes of the start scholar, the clinical scholar, and the taxonomist, however it might be of price to all biologists.

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The jaw gran, -i, -o, «um (L). Grain gnesi (G). Genuine grand, -i (L). Large, great gnom, «a, -o (G). A mark; judgment grand, -in, «o (L). Hail, a hailstone gnomon (G). Judge; rule; a carpen- granul (L). A little grain ter's square graph, -o, «y (G). Write, writing graps, -i (G). A crab gnoph, -o (G). Darkness grapt, -o (G). Inscribed, written gnorim, -o (G). Well known, famgrat, -i (L). Pleasing; favor iliar gnos, «is, -t, -tic (G). Know; known; grav, -e, -i (L). Heavy gravid (L). Filled; pregnant knowledge greg, -ar, -i (L).

Spun, coiled clu, -d, -s (L). Close clupe, «us (L). A shield; a river fish clur, -in (L). An ape •clydon, -o (G). A wave clype, -o, «us (L). A shield clys, -is, -m (G). Wash, drench clyst, «er, -ero (G). A syringe clyt, -o (G). Famous cnec, -o, «us (G). Pale yellow; a thistle cnem, -i, -a, «is (G). The part of the leg between the knee and the ankle; legging, leg armor cneo (G). Scrape, scratch cnepha, -to (G). Dark, darkness A rasp, scraper cnest, -i (G). cneth, -o -o (G). Scratch cnic, «us enid, «a, (G).

Easy «facula (L). A little torch fer (L). Bear, carry facult (L). Capability, skill fer, -a (L). Wild; a wild beast faec, -i (L). Dregs ferment (L). Yeast, leaven fero, -c, «x (L). Fierce, wild fag, -a, «us (L). The beech -ferous (L). Bearing falc, -i (L). A sickle «falco, -n (L). A falcon ferr, -o (L). Iron fallac (L). Deceptive ferrugln (L). Rust-colored fais, -i (L). False ferrul (F). A ring, bracelet «faix (L). A sickle fertil (L). Fruitful fam, -eli, -in (L). Hungry ferul, «a (L). A walking stick; fennel famil (L).

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