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By Johanna Mattissen

Dependent-Head Synthesis in Nivkh has been presented a prize of the Offermann-Hergarten Donation on the college of Cologne in 2004. The endowments are granted for impressive leading edge and comprehensibly documented research.This e-book deals an cutting edge method of 3 interlaced themes: a scientific research of the morphosyntatic association of Nivkh (Paleosiberian); a cross-linguistic research of advanced noun kinds (parallel to complicated (polysynthetic) verb forms); and a typology of polysynthesis. Nivkh (Gilyak) is linguistically extraordinary due to its hugely advanced observe types, either verbs and nouns. they're shaped productively from advert hoc concatenation of lexical roots in based — head relatives with out extra morphological marking: fundamental item — predicate, characteristic - noun, noun — relational morpheme ("adposition"). After an in-depth exam of the wordhood of such complexes the morphological kind of Nivkh is explored opposed to the history of polysynthesis, noun incorporation, verb root serialization, noun complexes and head/dependent marking. For this objective, a brand new delimitation and class of polysynthesis is proposed at the foundation of an evaluate of seventy five languages. in addition to contributing to a reconciliation of past diametrically adversarial ways to polysynthesis, this learn demanding situations a few universal preconceived notions with appreciate to how languages "should be".

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O. o. o. o. o. o. o. o. o. hooks sth. o. " Onomatopoetic morphemes, which are generally used as interjections in reduplicated form or predicatively with the auxiliary haḑ "be so", serve as the derivational basis for verbs as well (cf. Panfilov 1965:14-15, 36, 199-204; Gruzdeva 1998:30, 37). (59) (Panfilov 1965:14) ŋox ŋox (grunting sound) → ŋoyŋoyḑ"sth. o. o. 7 Syntax Nivkh is a head-marking SOV language (in the sense of Nichols 1986) with a fairly consistent final predicate position. All dependents precede their heads, and syntax is or­ ganized according to a S/A pivot.

O. o. o. o. o. o. " The effect of consonant alternation is that the clustering of two plosives or two fricatives is avoided by dissimilation of the initial sound of the head morpheme in a complex. g. t'olv-vo "summer village"); or (iii) two adjoining fricatives are the result of another secondary morphophonemic process: The morpheme-final consonants /k/ and /q/ assimilate in the manner of articulation to a following /x/ or /χ/, which are themselves the result of consonant alternation (cf. Savel'eva/Taksami 1970:511).

O. o. apparently does" (Panfilov 1965:124) әtәk p fa-no- aira father come-FUT-surely "surely father will come" The last slot in a Nivkh verb form is occupied by mood suffixes, scalar operators, focus suffixes or converb suffixes, which are all mutually exclusive. 8 (cf. g. 8: Nivkh mood suffixes The function of the narrative is quite obscure. It is frequently encountered in the opening lines of narrative discourse (see Gruzdeva 1998:33). e. finite verbs. The most commonly occurring verb form ends in -ḑ, traditionally called indicative.

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