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By Kim Gerdes, Eva Hajičová, Leo Wanner

This quantity deals the reader a distinct chance to acquire a concise advent to dependency linguistics and to profit concerning the present state-of-the-art within the box. It unites the revised and prolonged models of the linguistically-oriented papers to the 1st overseas convention on Dependency Linguistics held in Barcelona. The contributions diversity from the dialogue of definitional demanding situations of dependency at various degrees of the linguistic version, its position past the classical grammatical description, and its annotation in dependency treebanks to concrete analyses of assorted cross-linguistic phenomena of syntax in its interaction with phonetics, morphology, and semantics, together with phenomena for which classical basic phrase-structure established versions have confirmed to be unsatisfactory. the quantity can be therefore of curiosity to either specialists and newbies to the sector of dependency linguistics and its computational purposes.

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Constituents vs. phrases Now, what about classical constituents? They cannot be part of a syntactic structure, simply because they – no matter how we define them – are themselves a linguistic means used to express the syntactic structure of a sentence. 6 Sentence (3) has the DMorphR in (12), with three prosodic phrases: (12) 1 MALE LÍONPL || CÁREFULLY 2 3 GRÓOM IND, PRES, 3, SG (|) THEIR PÁWPL Note that these sentence fragments are not constituents: there is no hierarchy between them (= no embeddings of one into another).

Thirdly, passive, resultative and some other constructions are suggested to be understood as grammatical diatheses of Czech verbs and thus to be a part of the grammatical module of FGD. The fourth topic concerns the study of Czech nouns denoting pair body parts, clothes and accessories related to these body parts and similar nouns. Plural forms of these nouns prototypically refer to a pair or typical group of entities, not just to many of them. Since under specific contextual conditions the pair/group meaning can be expressed by most Czech concrete nouns, it is to be described as a grammaticalized feature.

General Phrase SSyntRels Non-valence-controlled SSyntRels: Modification 23. Restrictive: still←restr–taller; most←restr–frequent; not←restr–here [Alan has] just←restr–arrived. Noun Phrase SSyntRels Valence-controlled SSyntRels: Complementation 24. Elective: [the] poorest–elect→among [peasants] [the] best–[ones]–elect→of 〈from〉 [these boys] five–elect→of [these books] Mixed Type SSyntRels = Valence-controlled/Non-valence-controlled: Modification 25. Possessive: Alan’s←poss–arrival; Alan’s←poss–bed; Alan’s←poss–garden Dependency in language  26.

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