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By Evan Moor

Supply your seventh-graders the centred language arts perform they should retain their language abilities sharp.

36 weeks of perform covers standards-based talents such as:

Vocabulary/Word Study
* affixes
* analogies
* base/root words
* figurative language
* homophones
* idioms
* spelling

* punctuation: finish of sentence, discussion, letters, and run-on sentences
* apostrophes: contractions an
* possessives
* commas: sequence, dates, addresses, direct address/interjections, and compound and complicated sentences
* semicolons

* starting of sentence
* books, songs, and poems
* right nouns

Grammar and Usage

* right article, adjective, adverb, conjunction
* simply pressured words
* sentences: elements, varieties, constitution, fragments, and combining
* verbs: components, annoying, contract with topic, utilization, and spelling
* nouns: singular/plural, possessive, and proper
* pronouns: subject/object, possessive, and antecedents
* prepositional phrases/prepositions/objects of a preposition
* double negatives

Other Skills

* dictionary consultant words
* syllabication
* outlines

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Extra info for Daily Language Review, Grade 7

Example text

3. We hadn’t been there very long before it started to rain. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 WEEK Is this word singular, plural, or both? 4. scissors Circle the linking verb in this sentence. 5. My mom thinks that skateboarding can be dangerous. indb 42 10/28/09 12:25 PM 13 Friday Name: Correct the errors in this business letter. Write each underlined section correctly. Please tell me about any summer internships. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 Daily Language Review WEEK 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. The little boy feeled vary proud when he tyed his shoes by hisself 2. There is many kinds of fish at lake greyson but trout are the most commonest. Circle the antecedent of each underlined pronoun. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 Daily Language Review WEEK 3. An emu is one of many birds that don’t use their wings to fly. 4. Evans, our school nurse, is in her office every day from 9 to 3. Write the correct abbreviation for this noun. 5. incorporated 18 Thursday Name: Write these sentences correctly.

2. even though we set by the fire we feeled two cold. What is personified in the following sentence? 3. The tulips nodded their bright heads in the wind. Write the underlined words to include a contraction. • Daily Language Review • EMC 2797 WEEK than the other candidates for student council. more honest most honest 4. I have not seen any interesting movies in months. Circle the best word or words to complete this sentence. 5. The librarian asked us to speak quieter more quieter because we were disturbing the others.

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