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Travis Bradberry's Cryonic: A Zombie Novel PDF

By Travis Bradberry

SOMETIMES YOU’RE at an advantage DEAD…

When Royce Bruyere selected to be cryogenically frozen upon dying, he figured coming again to existence will be intriguing. Neat. Bonus time. the area he awakes to is not anything of the sort.

A chinese language invasion has crippled the us, dividing the rustic in a decade-long stalemate alongside the Mississippi. Royce’s winning reanimation is unheard of, making him the chinese language regime’s so much prized possession?but no longer for lengthy. desirous to keep an eye on existence and loss of life, the chinese language reanimate different “cryonics,” till whatever is going horribly wrong.

Royce travels via a destiny wrought with violence and depression, purely to find the medication for the illness lies inside of him. It’s a race opposed to time as he flees the chinese language and the bloodthirsty sufferers of a terrifying epidemic within the wish of saving the rustic from apocalypse and making a existence worthy dwelling.

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