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By Geneviève Escure, Armin Schwegler

This quantity includes a choice of fifteen papers provided at 3 consecutive conferences of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics, held in Washington, D.C. (January 2001); Coimbra, Portugal (June 2001); and San Francisco (January 2002). The fifteen articles supply a balanced sampling of creolists’ present examine pursuits. all the contributions handle questions without delay proper to pidgin/creole experiences and different touch languages. the vast majority of papers deal with problems with morphology or syntax. many of the contributions utilize phonological research whereas others learn language improvement from the perspective of acquisition. a couple of papers research discourse options and elegance, or broader problems with social and ethnic id. whereas this array of issues and views is reflective of the range of the sector, there's additionally a lot universal flooring in that each one of the papers adduce good information corpora to aid their analyses. the diversity of languages analyzed spans the planet, as nearly twenty touch types are studied during this quantity.

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4. It is interesting to note that Mingo and Waly may be represented on Dirk Valkenburg’s 1707 painting entitled Slavendans ‘Slave dance’, which was made the year the incident occurred. Dirk Valkenburg was employed as a bookkeeper and artist on Jonas Witsen’s plantation “Palmeneribo” — the place where the incident took place. For a reproduction of the painting, see Carlin and Arends (2002). References Arends, J. 1986. ” In Substrata versus Universals in Creole Genesis, P. Muysken and N. ), 103–27.

Winford, D. 2000. ” Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 15: 63–125. CHAPTER 3 Garifuna in Belize and Honduras * Geneviève Escure University of Minnesota Garifuna is a mixed language spoken in Central America, especially in Belize and Honduras. The present study offers a sociolinguistic update on the current situation in both countries — an urgent task, considering the language is rapidly losing speakers to dominant languages (Creole English, and Spanish). The linguistic scene is first examined in terms of the Garifuna group’s historical contacts and conflicts with other groups, and its ensuing diaspora from South America to Central America.

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