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By L. P. Pitaevskii, E.M. Lifshitz

This quantity is principally curious about a scientific improvement of the idea of plasmas, the authority being firmly rooted within the pioneering paintings of Landau. Corresponding effects also are given for partly ionized plasmas, relativistic plasmas, degenerate or non-ideal plasmas and reliable country plasmas.

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34). 75]. 100]. A plasma is a highly ionised gas with equal numbers offree (+) and (- ) charges. Among other ways, a plasma is formed by a high-power laser beam falling on a target, or formed in a pulsed discharge tube with magnetic confinement. The X-rays are produced mainly by electron-ion collisions. The e-e collisions contribute appreciably for k B T > 10 keY, where k B is Boltzmann's 1f1~" q,\ b P I TOC I P I I }>r:f P I I I I \ ,, \ 0 'f' \ I \ ', I en I 2 /> ,6 I I A I \ \ e-e ,, B \ \ \ \ \ 300 10 20 ElkeV) Fig.

R B I : I I , v LARGE do: / I' I' ____ 11II _ o b Fig. 27a. Orbit for small do and large angle of scattering (n - 2

E) of continuous X-rays from a thick 4Be target at V = 140 kV Fig. 22. The deflection of an electron along a parabolic path in the Coulomb field of the nucleus Ze. The impact parameter is do The deflection of the electron in the Coulomb field of the nucleus will always imply an accelerated motion and hence a possibility of radiaton. 83) r dotan

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