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This ebook, derived from the acclaimed Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's historical Languages, describes the traditional languages of Asia Minor, for the benefit of scholars and experts operating in that region. each one bankruptcy of the paintings makes a speciality of a person language or, in a few circumstances, a suite of heavily comparable different types of a language.

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When you have been a Londoner traveling Cornwall may you know the way to know a grammersow? in the event you have been from the West kingdom and took a visit as much as Scotland, might you be bewildered if somebody defined you as crabbit? And what if you happen to left your local Belfast for Liverpool, may you already know if an individual known as you a woollyback?

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No doubt there are some points at which the method of lexlCcell ation ceases to pay d··d . IVI en ds. Wh ere t h e meamngs of a polyseme ~a~e grown apart and taken on different positive features, like "funny" aeaning "comic" and "funny " meaning "strange ," the best procedure may ~ell be to follow the method of multiplication and treat the word semantically just as if it were a homonym. Where a particular combination of words, like " kick the bucket," has lost all touch with the component words' rneanings in other combinations, the phrase may need to be listed as an idiom alo ngside single words and have its own lexical entry.

But all of these types of figures are alike in that they communicate in an indirect way what might have been communicated directly in terms of the conventions of a language. For this reason, they have an effect over and above what would accompany the direct accomplishment of the intended effect. As I shall argue, the fact of nonliteralness is crucially important to our understanding of the way that language fu nctions as an integrated communicative system . Therefore in wh at fo llows, I will not restrict my attention to metaphor, but will freely exam in e other sorts of linguistic indirection in an effort to explicate what I consider to be the most important property of metaphor as far as linguistic pursuits go, namely its nonliteralness.

Now in these cases, the figurative source of the USe of these locutions is obvious and fairly plausible . But if the assumption of univocality plus figuration is the correct account )U Figurativ e speech and linguistics JERROLD M. SADOCK in these cases, why not in the following case as well? i the sentence . Thus arises the famous fact that sentence (1) does not entail (2). (1) Bolivar is five feet tall. (2) Bolivar is tall. The parallel with the case of expressions like "to have money," "a ber," and so on , should be obvious.

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