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Download PDF by R.E. Kalman (auth.), Prof. E. Evangelisti (eds.): Controllability and Observability

By R.E. Kalman (auth.), Prof. E. Evangelisti (eds.)

R.E. Kalman: Lectures on controllability and observability.- E. Kulikowski: Controllability and optimal contro.- A. Straszak: Supervisory controllabilityl.- L. Weiss: Lectures on controllability and observability.

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E. Kc l ma n reduced forms are isomorphic, in the set-theoretic sense, since the set X f is intrinsically defined by f. 15" is reachaole (W)f. ~a any element As to observability of L f ; s como1 etely reachable everJ element W' ~f' x = (W)f of X f in the Nerode equivalence class see Section 10. - 43 - H. E. Kalman 4. MODULES INDUCED BY LINEAR INRJTjOUTPUT MAPS We are now ready to embark on the main topics of these lectures. It is assumed that the reader is conversant with modern algebra (especially: abelian groups, commutative rings, fields, modules, the ring of polynomials in one the theory of elementary divisors), variabl~,and on the level of, say, VAN DER WAERDEN, lANG [1965], HU [1965] or ZARISKI and SAMUEL [1958, Vol.

Kernel are to be identified H. 13)) but also a quotient module module (that generated by XEo = ~. 23) H) G) of ~, ~ X. gives us not only (over kernel H) Strictly ~ = XF of a sub- that is K[z]G/ kernel -H. If ~ ~~ we say that ~ is canonical (relative to the given G, H). 19-20): - 53 - R. E. 24) CORRESPONDENCE between There is a bijective correspondence THEO~I. K[z]-homomorphisms f: n r and the equivalence class of --+ completely reachable and completely observable systems basis change in E modulo a ~.

Modules. It is is an injective module [MAC LANE 1963, page 95, r Exercise 21 1'. '::'f are isomorphic also as and known that c So the natural Inap X ~ :;;:f: f as a submodule of an injective module. [m1f H f(m) exhibits This fact is basic in the f (Section 7), construction of the "transfer function" associated with but it s full implications are not yet understood at present. 12) PROPOSITION. The state set X E of every discrete-time, ffnite-dimensional, linear, constant dynamical system admits the structure of a PROOF.

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