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Lev Alburt's seven quantity path is uniquely powerful in taking a diligent pupil from newbie to approximately specialist point. quantity I is basically an creation to the sport. This quantity follows with actually accomplished insurance from newbie during the a variety of amateur phases, say ELO 300-1200. compatible for age nine+ ...with exception of prodigies!

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6. Qf3xf7# See Diagram 31 for the final position. 31 Game 5 1. e2-e4 e7-e5 2. Ng1-f3 d7-d6 3. Bf1-c4 Bc8-g4 4. c2-c3 Nb8-c6 5. Qd1-b3 Bg4xf3? 5 . Nc6-a5! was the correct move. 6. Bc4xf7 + 7. Qb3-e6# See Diagram 32 for the final position. 32 Ke8-e7 HOMEWORK ANSWERS I. Diagrams 23–30 D-23 Na1-b3-c5-a6-c7-a8-b6-d7-f8-g6-h8-f7-h6-f5-g3-h1-f2-d1-e3-c2-a1. Twenty moves in all. Other routes are also possible. D-24 a) White to play wins with 1. b7-b8Q + ! Kh2-h3 2. Qb8xc8 + etc. b) Black to play wins with 1.

A1, b2, c3, d4, e5 f6, g7 and h8. They are all dark squares. 7. f2. 8. e4. D-45. 1. Ne6-f4 +. D-46. White is in the middle of castling short. He has made half the move (King to g1) and by completing the move (by jumping the Rook from h1 over to f1) he will checkmate Black. The whole move is 1. 0-0#. C. Abbreviated Notation Beginners usually record their games using the “full” algebraic notation, where the square on which a man stands before making a move is first indicated and then the square on which it stands after completing its move.

43 Lipnizky (Master)–Boleslavsky (Grandmaster) Moscow 1950 White to play and draw 1. Re6-d6 Kf7-e7 2. Rd6-e6 + Ke7-f7 3. Re6-d6 Kf7-e7 4. Rd6-e6 + Ke7-f7 5. Re6-d6 Drawn by three-time repetition of position. 44 D. Ulyanov White to play and mate in 3 moves 1. Bb1-a2 d6-d5 2. d2-d4! c4xd3 (en passant) 3. Ba2xd5#. Checkmate. Lesson Two A. Check Lesson 1 homework (if necessary). B. Review Questions: 1. What is the most powerful move in a chess game? 2. Can a player pass his turn? 3. Which pieces can be moved before any pawn moves have been made?

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