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Of halsos 'grove, sacred grove', See also 'iI/SOthS. ~m. m (D), 'eliite , (T) 'fir'; from Gk. elate 'fir'; also in Syr. 'eliite 'fir trees' See also 'iliirinus. >eliile'as h,l\mhn (T) 'juniper'; probably for >eliirenus; see 'iliirinus, below. from ArabiC ·al·sunbula; see also sanbulii. AIIAn (T) 'gateway of a church compound'; snakes'; see 'a/yiiron. , 'third', >elsip h,AIIT (T,M) = Amh, wiigiin whose various meanings are 'side, flank, clan, kin'. , fern. sg. k, >ama hoo (preposition) 'at the time or, on, In (rollowed by a time word)'; see Dillmann 1907' (it translates Heb.

Pointmg to\O,ard. POlOt ' Ing at ~he sacred bread or the cup during the service, 'a'IIIJro ! I) 'knowledge. undeN,lndmg mtelh. ' gence, mtellect' , (ba-'a'lII>ro 'kno\\-mglv. wlttIn"lv dehLr'lte. rQ·mJro 'ignorance, error'), ETHIOPIC: Te. miln. "'1"'" (fern) 'they'; SEMITIC (day). '",crtamed, determined. distmct fonned' , from 'Jlmnu-ntu For '~mmu, cpo Ar hu. mlu) 'they', SAr. hm·t (gen. ace), Heb. hem. Ph hnH, Ug. hm. For initial' of Geez '~mmu as agam'it the initial h of the other SemitiC languages, cpo Aram.

Af. awur, aUT 'buH'. lt. ;} 'cattle. cows'; , SEMmc. Ar. 'ahha,a 'd I . - , 'delay' Sb ah '-'th e ay , 'G~IT last, SAr h"h, , .. ~eTi esecond'S h ' . Heb. 'ahar 'behind' A ' . oq .. a-hen heh'nd'. . ram 'aha,'be heh d' S 'hr (ahl) 'ta d . ' ID . yr Pun 'h ' rry: elay. be lale. Md. ahufiG 'hehIDd', . rafter. Ug. 'hr 'tarry' ,ah . f • - ,. r a ter -\lk II a~aru ,ahur h""C. ,.... (Lt) • see ';>h;>w. • j ktA : kM 'heap (mass) of dried figs or dates, dough made from figs or dates, (T) date palm. dried figs'; see also he/a II.

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