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By James R. Black, Virginia Motapanyane

The advent to this quantity by way of Anders Holmberg presents a mirrored image on flow within the mild of contemporary advancements in Minimalist idea. His dialogue of the theories of type as opposed to characteristic stream when it comes to displacement and copying, offers the historical past for 12 papers facing clitics, pronouns and flow in number of language households. Articles on Romance comprise papers at the genitive clitic in Andean Spanish, proclitic teams and observe order in Caribbean Spanish, overt pronouns and empty different types in Brazilian Portuguese, the clitic en in Catalan, and clitic doubling in Romanian. Papers on Germanic talk about circulate of verbal enhances in Dutch and German, analyses of English finite auxiliaries in syntax and phonology, and complementizers in dialects of German in a reiterative syntax research. different articles take care of item shift in Serbo-Croatian, operator-bound clitics in Niuean, a serial verb research of the ba building in Mandarin chinese language, and experiencer verbs in Japanese.

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SUBJECT-OBJECT ASYMMETRIES AND THE CLITIC EN 59 this movement. We assume, following Belletti's (1988) analysis of unaccusative verbs, that the clitic en is a manifestation of partitive case assignment. As Belletti shows, partitive case is an inherent case, and, therefore, a case that is assigned prior to movement. In fact, it is possible that what Belletti characterizes as inher­ ent case may be a case assigned by the verb stem under specifier-head agreement prior to movement. Chomsky (1993, 1995) proposes that movement is permitted only if the op­ eration is morphologically driven by the need to check a feature or features.

62 CORINNE CORTES & ANNA GAVARRO Saccon, Graziella. 1992. "VP-internal Arguments and Locative Subjects". 383-397. 1995. 'We-cliticization does not support the Unaccusative / Intransitive Split". Formal Grammar: Proceedings of the Conference of the European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, ed. by Glyn Morrill & Richard Oehrle, 227-238. Barcelona, Spain. Sportiche, Dominique. 1988. , University of California, Los Angeles. 1990. , University of California, Los Angeles. Torrego, Esther.

9 Consider for example the D-structure of a construction containing a di­ rect object clitic: (49) [IP... [v [NP-clitic Clitics move through specifier or adjoined positions, which means that there is full phrasal XP-movement, until the final X° movement, which is head move­ ment onto an appropriate head. 10 In this example, the clitic in phrasal form originates in an A-position, and thus may move through A-positions. It is not restricted, however, to using A-positions, so the position from which the final head movement occurs may be either an A-position or an A-bar position.

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