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By Dr. Björn Lindman, Professor Sture Forsén (auth.)

The expanding curiosity in NMR spectroscopy of what in a few confer­ ences during this box is usually termed "other nuclei" is unmistakable. Chemists and biologists who hire NMR spectroscopy to review their difficulties have, besides the fact that, been just a little reluctant to review nuclei with electrical quadrupole moments. those nuclei usually provide upward thrust to vast NMR indications, occasionally too vast to be detectable with usual excessive solution NMR spectrometers. Spectrometers that may do something about huge NMR indications of low depth, "wide-line" spectrometers, were on hand because the mid 1950:s however it looks that almost all of those tools ended up in actual laboratories the place the learn used to be essentially directed in the direction of good nation difficulties. The learn of quadrupolar nuclei gives you special and intensely important details on numerous physico-chemical and organic platforms. For something the relief of quadrupolar nuclei is in lots of methods more straightforward to interpret than the relief of non-quadrupolar nuclei, because the former is in lots of circumstances attributable to basically intramolecular interactions modulated by means of the molecular movement. reviews of quadrupolar leisure have for this reason supplied very important information regarding molec­ ular reorientation and organization in beverages and feature performed - and should definitely play for a few years - a huge position in trying out new theoretical versions of molecular movement in liquids.

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3) may, in most cases, be employed over the whole liquid range. By means of an experimental relaxation time, the quadrupole coupling constant and the asymmetry parameter (see below regarding the determination of vQ and n), the correlation time describing the time-dependence of the reorientation of the field gradient tensor is obtained. The meaning of 'c obtained in this way depends on whether molecular rotation is isotropic or anisotropic and on the presence of internal motion and chemical exchange.

10-7, rad 2• 5- 2 Hel Fig. 4. Proton relaxation of HBr and HCl through scalar interaction. plot used to obtain halogen relaxation time and scalar spin coupling constant [cf. Eq. 26)]. f. field strength. (From Ref. [49]) this seems account in difference enough not to have been overlooked while generally it is taken into the way described for example by Sears [111]. Since the in properties between different halogen isotopes is small to make relaxation significantly non-exponential [50,111] and the isotope effects on scalar coupling constant and quadrupole relaxation rate are well known, the relative contributions to scalar relaxation from different isotopic compositions can easily be predicted.

From Ref. 17) where < 92 > is the mean square angular displacement during a rotational jump. (As argued above, Eq. ) This equation has been used to calculate root mean square angles of rotation for some liquids. So, for example, <6 2 >1/2 is found to be about 30 0 in the temperature range 262 - 319 K for CC1 4 [92]. A most significant extension of the rotational diffusion theory to allow for rotational steps of arbitrary size is provided by the extended J- and M-diffusion theories described above.

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