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Ic4 �e5 1 8 �xeS 'Wxe5 Asztalos-Walter, Spielmann, Vienna 1 929. Bartfeld 1 926; 10 b4 (see following diagram) This is the logical result of the variation. ig4 12 e5!? dxe5 1 3 �e4 Chernin-Miles, Tunis 1 985; see section C below, p. 47. ie2 �d7 13 0-0 ( 1 3 �g l! ;t Pachman) 13 . . ie7 1 4 �h 1 ? ie2 g5! + , Kmoch-Spiel­ mann, Semmering 1 926; The Blumenfeld Gambit 42 - 1 1 lLlfd2! d3 a S 1 S 0-0 lLleS 16 lLlxeS! dxeS 1 7 lLlc4! :. :. fd 1 ± Lipnitsky­ Tolush, USSR 1 950; - 1 1 h3!? :. ae 1 lLleS ± Runstrom­ Nettori, Sweden 1 964.

Bxc4, 5 . . tb7, 5 . . d6, 5 . . 'ii b6.

LL:l xd5. The position of the two rooks is worth noting; both rooks are involved in the defence of the d5 pawn. If Black can force White to exchange the embarrassing d5 pawn, his own pawn mass d6, e6, f6 becomes much stronger. Black from the early opening wants to set in motion this pawn mass and . . f6-f5 is often the way to achiev­ ing this. In the next diagram I . . f5! t a8 and now White has three options, but the result is the same : . e3 d5! Black has crowned his pawn strategy. td3 d4. In t he pawn race Black is greatly helped by a strong pair of bish­ ops.

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