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By Aron Nimzowitsch, Robert Sherwood

"Chess Praxis" was once Nimzowitsch's follow-up to his vintage "My approach" which brought Nimzowitsch's 'hypermodern' theories approximately how chess can be performed. This booklet indicates how those principles paintings in perform. Nimzowitsch makes use of his personal so much wonderful video games to give an explanation for how a grandmaster thinks approximately chess.

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TLlxg7 it would hardly have been possible for Black to make decisive use of the e-file. On the other hand, the correct way of proceeding on the queens ide (19 ... b5 or 20 ... b5) would have resulted in quite an easy win for Black. Game2S V. idl e6 I was not afraid of threats from 1M! c1 and then ~h6, so I omitted the unimaginative ... h7 -h6 followed by ... @h7 or some such line. h4 He definitely has an idea in his head! He thinks he can force a decision in the centre by tLlf4. a5t. f5!. g. 52 ...

D5t and wins. h5t From time to time some wood is thrown on to the fire in the hope of a perpetual check. 61. ~h7t g5 Now the king escapes to b3. ~g5 Very cleverly played.

Here and in what follows Samisch shows his willpower and scientific turn of mind: how many other players would have given in to the temptation to drive away the unpleasant knight on b4 despite the weakening of their own position it would cause. 7 ... ~g3 ~d7 28J~e8! The quickest way to win. ,ih6 1-0 Game 27 Fritz Samisch Aron Nimzowitsch Karlsbad 1923 After the very hypermodern looking opening moves, White's game was somewhat more free. ig2 and possibly ttJd4. 5... Yfdl a5 To prepare, in case of a2-a3, a trouble-free retreat via a6 to c5.

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