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By Aron Nimzowitsch

Chess Praxis is an excellent selection of Aron Nimzowitsch’s top video games annotated by way of the nice guy himself, however it is much more than that. Nimzowitsch and his hypermodern principles had a big impression on smooth chess considering. Nimzowitsch first expounded his perspectives in My System. In his follow-up Chess Praxis he proven and defined how his techniques labored in his personal games.This is a very new translation of Nimzowitsch’s vintage paintings, so as to enable the reader to understand influential principles defined in glossy language

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13 hxg3 cS 14 1: fdl 6 ... lte7 7 'i'c2 Another subtlety. White prevents freeing Lasker's manoeuvre 7 . tLle4, which would be all the more powerful in view of the lost tempo with a2-a3. dxc4 White' s ' finesses' in the opening might have allowed Black to try here 7 . . e5 ! Jtxf6 or 8 cxd5 tLlxd5 . Jt xc4 tLl dS Another option was 8 . . e5. Jt xe7 *,xe7 1 0 tLl o tLl Sf6 I t was also possible to play 1 0 . 0-0 I I 0-0 lUxc3 1 2 *,xc3 c5. l:t ael ! The strength of White's position lies in his kings ide pawn majority.

0-0 White could reply 20 na5 ! , and on 1 9 . . g6-20 lUg2 etc. 8 bxc3 'tIi'd5 The black bishop will be protected by the queen along the long diagonal. In the past this was achieved by 9 . . j/,e6, but the import­ ant game Balashov-Miles, Bugojno 1 978, cast some doubt on the solidity of Black's position. Name­ ly, after IO j,g2 �7 II 0-0 j,d5 1 2 e6! i,xe6 1 3 tOgS i,d5 1 4 i,xd5 'tIi'xd5 1 5 axb5 axb5 (if 1 5 . . h6 1 6 "iVf3) 1 6 1:ha8 fVxa8 1 7"-g4ItOc6 ( 1 7 . . i'b7 20 'ilVd5, Black landed in a strategically lost position despite being two pawns up.

H6 there would follow II g3 , because after 1 1 . . g5 1 2 lbxg5 Black is forced to play 1 2 . . xg5 14 fxg5 'iVxg5 1 5 lbd2 and White remains a pawn up. 19 � f3 �gS 20 � ael Black's position is strategically lost, so White doesn't give his opponent tactical chances by taking the pawn on d5. The main point of White's 1 2'h move. H is most important piece, the knight on f5, is chased away from its excellent position. Black doesn't have the time to jump to e3 or g3 and revive his bishop, because of the threats on c6, h5 etc.

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