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This booklet, derived from the acclaimed Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's historic Languages, describes the traditional languages of Asia Minor, for the benefit of scholars and experts operating in that region. each one bankruptcy of the paintings makes a speciality of someone language or, in a few cases, a suite of heavily similar sorts of a language.

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In the event you have been a Londoner vacationing Cornwall could you understand how to understand a grammersow? if you happen to have been from the West state and took a visit as much as Scotland, may you be bewildered if anyone defined you as crabbit? And what in the event you left your local Belfast for Liverpool, may if somebody known as you a woollyback?

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Kerman is a very interesting old city, having passed through many vicissitudes and seen many changes during its varied and chequered history. It is also a very pretty place, especially as seen from a short distance, surrounded on three sides by the eternal mountains, with their ever-changing shades and shadows, and forming a magnificent background 30 KERMAN to the city nestling at their feet. On the fourth side the desert stretches away to Yezd and Isphahan. Kerman is said to have derived its name from a Persian word Kerm, meaning a worm, and the legend connected with it is as follows.

Being so loved and such a favourite of all, she was allowed to roam at will within the castle walls, and often beguiled the time by watching the besiegers who lay far below in the plain. One day her attention was attracted by a handsome Arab general, who always seemed to be foremost in all that was going on, leading his men into the most dangerous and exposed parts. Where the arrows fell fastest and most often, there this Arab prince was sure to be seen, always brave and courageous. His bravery, added to his good looks, so appealed to this spoilt and petted woman that she immediately fell in love 33 KERMAN with him.

The first time it is mentioned in history is by Herodotus. Alexander is said to have marched his army through Kerman on his way to India, and Cyrus passed that way on his return from India. Perhaps few places have suffered more at the hands of invaders than Kerman. It has been sacked at least six times, and in 1794 the city was almost entirely destroyed by Agha Mohammed Khan. The city was bravely defended by the prince-governor, who was one of the last of the Zend dynasty; he sustained a long and severe siege, till two-thirds of his troops had perished from starvation, and then the city was betrayed treacherously into the hands of the enemy and its brave defenders obliged to flee, only to meet with a cruel death some two years later from the hands of the same oppressor.

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