Center Counter Defense: The Portuguese Variation by Selby Anderson PDF

By Selby Anderson

The Portuguese version (after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4) ranks as Black's so much combative approach within the heart Counter safety, heavily allied to the Icelandic gambit (1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.c4 e6, additionally coated here!). within the Portuguese, Black deals a pawn for swift improvement and the opportunity to use susceptible squares within the enemy camp. The ensuing play is sharp and trappy, with lots of "coffeehouse" taste for these wishing to combine it up as Black. An further profit is the novelty of the road, which got here into prominence basically in the early Nineties. as a result many gamers of White can nonetheless be stuck unaware, falling sufferer to an early knockout. No mere shock weapon, although, the Portuguese has been established within the fireplace of worldwide type event chess. facts of the line's energy is it is adoption via competitive Grandmasters equivalent to Spraggett, Hodgson, Shirov and Hebden. This booklet is the 1st committed completely to the Portuguese edition. In a learn travel de strength, NM Selby Anderson has assembled all correct video games and articles, then fed it to best chess engines like Fritz4 and Chess laptop. accordingly, the excessive percent of unique research discovered right here stands in stark distinction to the common commencing monograph. gamers of any point will get pleasure from the author's mild and witty strategy the entire whereas dishing out deadly doses of tactical pollution. Pity the terrible participant who stumbles into the Portuguese with no this booklet!

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19 fxe3 l:td7 20 'iixc6+ 'itd8 21 l:tf4! e4+ 'itd6 24 'ii'f8+. 21 ... f5 22 'ii'c5 'iie7 Lasker seeks drawing chances in an unpleas­ ant endgame, since 22 . . d 1 + loses after 23 'ifi>f2 l:td2+ 24 'ifi>e 1 'ii'xg2 25 'ii'a5+ and 22 . . c6# is no good either. xf5 l:td1+ 25 'iii>f2 ! Rubinstein gives up a pawn to activate his king. He realized his advantage in due course. •.. The players in the following extract are best known for a ' game' they most likely didn' t play at all (Gibaud-Lazard: 1 d4 t2Jf6 2 t2Jd2 e5 3 dxe5 t2Jg4 4 h3??

B7 is a better defence. f6! A neat way to switch over to a kingside at­ tack. Afc8 After 23 . h5, 24 l:tg4 ! 'ifxe2? 25 l:txg7+ �h8 26 �g5 forces mate. The text-move tries to turn the battery on the fl-a6 diagonal into a pin, but White can now play directly for mate. 24 'ife5 ! :tc5 24 . . t>e8 27 'i'g8+ �d7 28 �e5+ wins; 24 . . g4 26 'ifxg4 g6 27 'ii'xa4 nets a piece. 25 'it'g3! g6 26 l:txa4 White is a piece up and still has mating threats. th4 After 12 �d2 l:txe2+ ( 1 2 .. fxe2 1 3 'ii'b 1 isn't so clear) 13 'ifxe2 (if 13 �c l , then 13 ...

This forces a position where Black has 'i'+i. vs 'ii'+l:t, but White's pieces are uncoordinated and his king is on the run. f6+ wins for Black. 41 .. 'ii'e 1+ 42 'iith3 g5 ! 43 l:tc2 White is compelled to move his rook away, but this gives Black an additional target. 43 .. 'iffl + 44 'iith2 'ii'g 1+ 45 'it>h3 'ili'h1+ 46 'it>g3 'ii'd 1! F. Siim isch - A. , discovering an attack on the h5-knight. However, Nimzo­ witsch has a fine reply ready. 20 ... fxe4! 21 'ii'xh5 l:txf2 Black has two pawns for the piece, and can make further inroads into White's badly orga­ nized position via the f-flle.

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