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Capital Controls: A Cure' Worse Than the Problem by Forrest Capie PDF

By Forrest Capie

Unfastened capital routine performed a huge half within the monetary integration and globalisation of the 19th century. via the top of the century capital flows have been on a amazing scale. the trendy use of capital controls dates again to the Nineteen Thirties. Professor Capie analyses ancient adventure with capital controls, in Britain and in other places, and experiences the idea. He concludes that such controls are destructive and that there's no case for reviving them, as a few economists have steered and as anti-globalisers would need. Capital mobility improves the global allocation of assets, channelling assets to their best makes use of. Controls on capital activities lead to lifeless weight losses and bureaucratic expenditures. they're tricky to take away and so they harm the credibility of the government's dedication to a marketplace economic system.

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If this is the case, a proportion of investment projects undertaken will be more risky 51 c a p i ta l c o n t r o l s : a ‘c u r e ’ w o r s e t h a n t h e p r o b l e m ? than they might otherwise be. In the final case it is suggested that investors will be guided not by rational thought but by the behaviour of others. If investors are not well informed they may simply follow others whom they believe to be better informed. To some extent, of course, it is rational to behave in this way. Even if the great bulk of investors are mad it benefits the rational investor to join in a scramble and benefit from the rising price.

By the end of the inter-war period there is an interesting if unsurprising change (Figure 3). The UK has increased its share to 44 per cent, mostly at the expense of France and Germany, the shares of both of which have shrunk. Not surprisingly, the US has substantially increased its share to 22 per cent. Figure 4 brings out the net capital movements for selected periods – the half-decades from 1881 to 1913. The extreme cases illustrate the usefulness of this approach by showing the UK at the top as the major creditor.

The British too had required liquidation of foreign assets in World War I and again in World War II. On the demand side, similar devices were employed. All kinds of ways around the regulations were tried, which kept the 61 62 Albania Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Czechoslovakia Danzig Denmark Ecuador Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong Hungary India Iran Irish Free State Country – 17-12-29 17-12-29 5-4-33 30-3-35 25-9-31 – – 19-10-31 20-4-32 – 25-9-31 – 21-11-33 – – 29-9-31 8-2-32 21-9-31 28-6-33 12-10-31 – – 26-4-32 – – – – 26-9-31 – 21-9-31 Official suspension of gold standard – 13-10-31 – 9-10-31 18-3-35 3-10-31 18-5-31 1918 – 30-7-31 9-9-34 25-9-31 16-1-32 2-6-34 2-10-31 12-6-35 18-11-31 2-5-32 – 18-11-31 – – 13-7-31 28-9-31 – 27-3-34 9-11-35 17-7-31 – 25-2-30 – Introduction of exchange control – 11-29 3-30 12-31; 4-34 3-35 3-30 12-29 – 12-31 4-32 – 1-32 1-32 4-33 2-34; 10-36 5-35 9-31 6-32 9-31 6-33 10-31 9-36 – 4-32 4-33 4-33 – – 9-31 – 9-31 Depreciation or devaluation in relation to gold Table 2 Exchange rates and exchange control in the 1930s – 54 52 22 28 59 59 – 40 75 50 61 44 – 16 0 52 73 – 42 50 0 – 57 – – – – 40 57 41 Extent of depreciation by early 1935 (%) – – – 30-4-34* 31-3-36* – – – – – – – – 22-5-34* 17-2-34; 9-10-36 2-5-35 – 19-12-35 – – – 1-10-36* – – – – – – – – – Introduction of new gold parity c a p i ta l c o n t r o l s : a ‘c u r e ’ w o r s e t h a n t h e p r o b l e m ?

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