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By Artur Yusupov

Well known chess instructor and grandmaster Artur Yusupov keeps his whole process chess development. Yusupov's past books have confirmed well liked by chess coaches around the globe, who use the exams on their students - reduce out the intermediary and browse Yusupov direct. advance Your Chess 1 is a part of a nine-book process 3 sequence every one of 3 books. The sequence are building up your Chess, improve your Chess and Chess Evolution. each one sequence begins with the basics, then the chess point raises in past the fundamentals, and culminates in Mastery. Yusupov publications the reader in the direction of the next point of chess realizing utilizing conscientiously chosen positions and recommendation. This new figuring out is then proven through a chain of puzzles.

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G6 44 Solutions Ex. 4-12 4 ... ctJb2!? ttJf4 ttJb2! Ca ablanca The d4-pawn falls. E:bst i>h7 0-1 Black has an isolated pawn on d5 and his king position is slightly weakened. The move in the game brings White a clear advantage. ctJf5! iLc4 and White has achieved nothing. iWb7. d6! (1 point) Threatening iWxg6t. gxh3~. hxg4? iLxg4 White loses the exchange. 1Mfxc7+-. ctJg4+-. ctJd6! iWxf7t! ± 2 ... ta2! e5 fxe5t 25. i>g5 1-0 (another 1 point for this variation) 6... i>xh3 E:bgS? Better is 9 ... ctJd5±.

Gf7 +- is a typical twofold threat: mate and an attack on the f6-pawn. Ei:gb7 is not so clear after 4 ... Ei:e7. 4 ... @e8 5Jhf6+White has netted a pawn and remains on the attack. 5 ... E:b6 Threatening Ei:b8#. 7 ... E:gb7 g4 8 ... a4+-. E:f6t! A typical intermediate check, which worsens the position of the black king. After 9 ... Ei:g6! the g-pawn is also lost. Shirov 8 Linares 1993 White finds a way to simplifY the position. E:d4! Intending Ei:xb4. 1. txdl= promise Black any advantage. E:xb4 E:c6!

White wants to play CLlg5 without blocking the way for his bishop. 3 ... ctJg5 The knight supports the attack on £1. 4 ... ~d8 White can choose between several ways to win the game. He plays for mate. CLlx£1+- would also be possible. 7 ... ttJce4! White brings his reserves into play. 9 ... ctJc6 48 The 7th rank Diagram 5-6 10J3xf7t! Preparing a pretty mate. l"lc7 is also good. 10 ... tLlxe6t ~g8 12. tLl6g5t And then mate in two moves. , Vilnius 1912 White can mate Black in only four moves! Elxg7t!

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