New PDF release: Biological Oxidation Systems. Volume 2

By C.C. Reddy (Eds.)

The second one of 2 volumes featuring present study into oxidation platforms, this ebook is meant for biochemists, toxicologists, and pharmacologists. issues mentioned comprise oxidation mechanisms in carcinogenesis, lipid peroxidation and different non-enzymatic reactions of oxygen

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Effect of Phenylbutazone on Methyl Phenyl Sulfide Oxidation MPS (uM) 0 150 0 0 150 150 Phenylbutazone (μΜ) 0 0 500 Product Formed PGE 2 MPSO (nmol/ml) 42 69 66 1000 91 % 1000 106 125 71 87 500 Reactions measuring 15-HPE2 reduction utilized [1-14C]15-HPE2 and nonradioactive MPS, whereas those measuring MPS oxidation used [methyl-14C]MPS and nonradio­ active 15-HPEi. Purified enzyme was 150/ig/ml, hemin was 10 μΜ and 15 HPE 2 was 160 μΜ. There is a stoichiometric equimolar reaction between sulfide and 15-HPEj (Figure 7).

36) suggested a protective effect of wheat bran on DMH-induced colon carcinogenesis in rats. The protective effect occurred at low, medium, and high-fat levels and was dose-related. The effect of dietary wheat bran and dehydrated citrus fiber at 15% level and 5% dietary fat on intestinal carcinogenesis induced by AOM and 3,2-dimethyl-4-aminobiphenyl(DMAB) was studied in male F344 rats (37, 38). Animals fed the wheat bran or citrus fiber and treated with AOM had a lower incidence (number of animals with tumors) and multiplicity (number of tumors/tumor-bearing rat) of colon tumors and tumors of the small intestine than did those fed the control diet and treated with AOM, whereas animals fed the wheat bran and treated with DMBA had a lower incidence and multiplicity of colon tumors.

4, in rotating round-bottom flasks at 37°C under a carbogen atmosphere. Cell viability was estimated by the Trypan Blue exclusion method (39). Where indicated, the reaction mixture was preincubated before addition to the isolated hepatocytes. 1M) and the phenacetin metabolite (concentration as indicated). The spectral changes associated with a standard incubation mixture without hepatocytes were recorded (200700nm) on a Shimadzu UV 240 spectrophotometer at various times. Results As shown in table 1 the cytotoxicity induced by the phenacetin metabolite N-hydroxyphenacetin was decreased if the isolated hepatocytes were preincubated for ten minutes with the Ndeacetylase inhibitor bis p-nitrophenyl phosphate.

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