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By John Nunn

The Sicilian Defence is Black's most well liked respond to 1e4 and gamers of the white items want to know how one can win opposed to it. the writer offers an entire armoury of competitive strains that keep in mind contemporary advancements and in order to defeat the antidotes that Black constructed lately.

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Fh3 �b8 33 �xe6+ fxe6 34 \Wh8+ win­ ning the queen. =! xd3 (32 �xd3 Axd3 33 Axc6+ lfj f8 is fine for Black) jj_xh I 33 �c4 is about equal. �e7 + (20) 32 33 \WC5! This move was a visible shock for my opponent. xh1 34 b4 �xc5 35 \Wxc5 is not so good as Black can avoid the exchange of queens by 35 "itd8. 33 �xc5+ 33 �xc5 34 �c8+ \Wd8 35 K xd8+ lfj xd8 transposes except for the position of Black's king, which makes no real difference. 34 I bc5 �xc5 35 b4! White is a1mmg for a good knight v bad bishop ending, but he must avoid 35 '1i b4 �d3+ 36 '1ic3, which allows 36 �f2!

Unusual lines involv­ e6 are dealt with in game the Classical is 6 jlg5, called the ing Richter-Rauzer Attack even 1 0, while the others are in game though the treatment used today 1 3 . em to owe anything to Richter. This line is very common Game 10 in practice, so there is a large body Anand-lnkiov of theory. In general I will keep to Calcutta 1986 the main lines in the proposed 1 e4 c5 repertoire, but where there are interesting sidelines I will give 2 �f3 d6 3 d4 them a brief mention. zlg5 '{lfd2 and 0-0-0, exerting pressure Other moves are considered in down the d-file and restraining Black from active play in the game 1 3 .

Il.. f2 jj_e6 2 1 jj_ e3 with an edge for White, Riemersma-A . Rodriguez, Dieren 1 987. M d8 20 h3 jlc8 2 1 l! fe2 jj_d8, Vogt-Wirius, Zalakaros 1 987, and now 25 \fJ b l gives White an edge. ( l c2) 12 � xc6 (this seems the better choice) jlxc6 1 3 jj_e2 � e5 1 4 g3 �g6 1 5 \fi b ! h5 ( 1 5 jj_e7?! 1 6 gxh6 jj_xh4 1 7 gxh4 �xh4 1 8 �xd6 was good for White in Marjanovic-Popovic, Belgrade 1 987) with a further branch: ( l c2 1 ) 16 �e3 jle7 (better than 16 . . jj_ g7 1 7 �d5! exd5 1 8 exd 5 + '*e7 1 9 �xe7 + *xe7 20 dxc6 bxc6 2 1 c3 with an edge for White, Chandler-Bellin, Com­ monwealth Ch.

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