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By Vassilios Kotronias, Andreas Tzermiadianos

With this repertoire chess publication, White avid gamers may have an arsenal of attacking maneuvers to defeat the Petroff-one of the preferred defenses opposed to 1.e4 and the alternative of champions. listed here are dozens of recent rules and theoretical thoughts that the authors have conscientiously built some time past years, an excellent remedy of all strains and sidelines, and a wealth of awesome and completely annotated video games from overseas competitions.

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1fd8-d7, ... g7-g6, ... ~d6-c7, οτ rely οη the altematiνe strategy of jumping with the knight to c4 after ... c4-c3. We think that this second scheme is more promising. Ε) The pressure οπ the b7 pawn Probably the most sensitiνe point the Black camp is b7; with the queen οη f3, a rook οη b5 and the adνance a4-a5 always οη the cards it is obνious that White οηlΥ needs to double rooks οη the b-file to ensure the ·recoνery of his pawn. The basic question is ηοΙ whether Black will be able ιο hold οη ιο the pawn (hc almost certainly cannot) but whether he will be abIe Ιο fully mobίlise his pieces iη order ιο obtain satisfactoιy counterplay.

D6-d5, but ίη doing so he unavoidably ends υρ neglecting control of another important square, namely e5. dxc4? xe4 ιt:\xe4 1Ο ,J:ω f5 11 ιt:\e5+-) 9 ιt:\c3 when play will most likely transpose to 9... c6 below. S:el d59 c4 This move is part and parcel of \\hite's strategy ίη the Petroff as it hf~lps him chaHenge Black's control over e4 and open more lines for his pieces. e6 . f t~e position ίη the present sItuatlon. 9 ... c3! e6 [Οη 12 ... d5 (13 ... d7?? 14 ιt:\xtϊ! IIxtϊ 15 'iVb3+-) the reply 14 :bl!

F6? txh6! and White ~110uld win. axbS, which leads 10 a position with few chances of ~tlrvival (See Il1ustrative Game Νο ~xh7+! ΦΧh7 35). Ιη the old main line, even ίη rositions where one hardly expects ίιιο ... txh7+! , which led to a clear advantage after 25 ••• f6! txf8 Axf8 28 'ii'h5+ Φg8 29 'ii'd5+. This example shows how closely linked are the sacήfices of the two bishops and it is noticeable how often White has to sacήfice both of them ίη order to achieve the desired result. Without doubt, Emanuel Lasker who was the first to introduce this theme ίη one of his games would 32 Beαting the Petroff haνe been proud ιο see widespread nowadays.

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