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Ay As in Clay (Word Families Set 7) by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann PDF

By Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Introduces, briefly textual content and illustrations, using the letter mixture "ay" in such phrases as "clay," "bay," "spray," and "tray."

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27 So far we have considered Wittgenstein’s actual ancestry and the extent to which Jewish religion and culture entered (very indirectly, as it turned out) into his life. But in the early 1930s Wittgenstein, who had played down his ancestry to others, and who had made no reference to it previously in his private diaries, began, only for this period as far as I know, to think that his own work was marked by Jewishness. One passage will serve as an illustration: Das jüdische ‘Genie’ ist nur ein Heiliger.

4 Speaking to Russell he emphasized construction as the decisive feature. A thing must be fully the thing it was; and life must go on around it in the way appropriate to that. Thus Eccles’s bed, as we have just seen, was not to have rollers: it was to be a thing around which people moved. Similar features appeared later in Wittgenstein’s architectural work – for example the centrally or symmetrically placed light bulbs giving an even illumination, impersonal, not carefully adapted to some special need or preference of the user.

But that is an operation best performed viva voce and through personal contact. One false notion is driven out, and immediately the next false notion that threatens to take its place must be corrected. A book or an article freezes what ought really to be a living flow of ideas. It is legitimate to refer to Socrates’ attack on writing in the Phaedrus, itself of course a written work. All this, of course, in part accounts for the attraction of Wittgenstein’s writing (just as the Phaedrus is one of Plato’s literary masterpieces).

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