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By Yuri Averbakh

Russian grandmaster, Yuri Averbakh has selec ted the main fascinating and instructive video games from his weal th of expertise. avid gamers are bound to be insipred by means of t hese vintage video games and targeted annotations. '

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A6 70 �g4 :a5 7 1 �g3 �f5 72 �h4 �f4 Black would have won very easily. 65 66 66 67 :f6+ �e5 67 �g5 :a6 68 �f5 :a7 could have transposed into the variation given in the note to the previous move. 30 Averbalch 's Selected Games error-ridden game should have ended in a draw. But my opponent misses his chance and immediately commits the final and decisive mistake. 73 74 l:txg7? l:ta7 a3 ! No better is 74 l:tb7+ �a5 75 l:ta7+ l:ta6 76 l:tc7 a2 77 l:tc l l:th6 78 l:ta l (78 �d4 �b4 ! ) 78 ... l:txh5+ 79 �d4 l:th2 80 �c3 �a4, when White lacks just one tempo to save the game.

50 51 52 :al :Lbl e2 b3 64 Averbakh 's Selected Games White's threats appear to have become real. Thus if 52 . . b2 there follows 53 :h7+ �g8 54 %lab I , and he is assured of a draw. However, it is here that Black's idea is revealed, although, by playing 52 . . td4 lbc3 he could have won without any brilliancy. 52 53 54 55 %laxc1 %lxd %lh 1 d. %lxd b2 If 5 5 %lb l there would have followed 5 5 . . �c3 56 %lxb2 lDd l +. te5 b1. At first sight 56 ... txd l 5 8 d7, but Black could have played this: after 5 8 .

Fd8 there could have followed 1 6 e5. 16 17 axb4 e5 �xb4 �g8 This Black had not foreseen. Now he has to give up his queen for rook and bishop, effectively settling the outcome. a5 there could have followed 23 :'f7 ! c6 24 l:lxg7 ! , threatening mate by both 25 :'xg8 and 25 ti)f7. i. xd7 Indirectly defending the c2 pawn (24 . . d6. Of the possible knight moves Black chooses by no means the best. Of course, 1 7 �5 was dangerous because of 1 8 � , but 1 7 ... �8 was quite acceptable, when I was intending to reply 1 8 :'d2, as ...

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