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By Bump D.

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5). 2). A design is erroneous if the execution of such an operation cannot deliver the correct result (that is, if the value corresponding to the mathematical result is not a value of the floating point type). An implementation may restrict the bounds of the range constraint of floating point types other than type universal_real. 0E38 inclusive. The representation of floating point types must include a minimum of six decimal digits of precision. NOTE—An implementation is not required to detect errors in the execution of a predefined floating point arithmetic operation, since the detection of overflow conditions resulting from such operations may not be easily accomplished on many host systems.

3). 1 Operator overloading The declaration of a function whose designator is an operator symbol is used to overload an operator. 2. The subprogram specification of a unary operator must have a single parameter. The subprogram specification of a binary operator must have two parameters; for each use of this operator, the first parameter is associated with the left operand, and the second parameter is associated with the right operand. 24 Copyright © 1999 IEEE. All rights reserved. 1-1999 For each of the operators “+” and “–”, overloading is allowed both as a unary operator and as a binary operator.

Types and natures This clause describes the various categories of types and natures that are provided by the language as well as those specific types that are predefined. The declarations of all predefined types are contained in package STANDARD, the declaration of which appears in Clause 14. A type is characterized by a set of values and a set of operations. The set of operations of a type includes the explicitly declared subprograms that have a parameter or result of the type. 2). These operations are each implicitly declared for a given type declaration immediately after the type declaration and before the next explicit declaration, if any.

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