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By Angus Dunnington

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Tired of enjoying the usual openings? frightened approximately having to profit an excessive amount of idea? Then this booklet is what you're searching for! overseas grasp Angus Dunnington offers you with a brand new attacking establishing repertoire in keeping with the circulate 1 d4. instead of getting slowed down with conception, Dunnington concentrates on developing easy-to-learn platforms opposed to all of Black's attainable defenses. He chooses traces that are enjoyable to play, effortless to profit and may pose your unsuspecting opponent many difficulties. (6 x nine, a hundred and sixty pages, b&w diagrams)

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L\bove : FIG . 14 • Alexander Calder. Chess set. Before 1944. \rVood) bent melal and screws. r,,1 r. >. Marcel Duchampl :\lew York. Below : FIG. :hard Kamhollz. ,\ set. ] 949. ;; unknown. rl, Ne\v York. sercws. Above: FIG. 56 Arthur Hammer. Ches:; :;�t and board. 1967. Painted nut:; awl bolts on aluminum board, 6Vz in. high. Court('�y of the: designer. Below : fiG. 57 l\'l ichel C;ui no. Chess set and boarrl. 1967. AU1 0TT10hik engine parts, bronzed and chromed, on an aluminum hoard, 9�'" in. high.

35 The Chess Players. ) , ca. 1590. Oil on 401·%8 in, Berlin-Dahlem Museum, Berlin. "Institutionalized Individualism" that integrated the psychologicaIIy con­ sonant developments ofreligious protestantism, economic capitalism, political democracy and aesthetic single-point perspective. In this era of almost unparalleled creativity, designers generated a multi­ tude of new shapes for the board. There were so many different types that it is difficult to trace a consistent line of formal development.

1967. AU1 0TT10hik engine parts, bronzed and chromed, on an aluminum hoard, 9�'" in. high. Courtesy of Gall erie Lt. Cloche� Paris. T W E N" T 1 E T H CENTCRY 60 slightly formed things (Bishop) and simply found things (King and Queen) . Calderls use of the straight screw and the eye screw for King and Queen is an excellent exarnple of how a Dada eye can discover i n ordinary everyday surroundings something as appropriate for a chess set as universal symbols for male and female. The possibility of making a useful chess set out of objects as simple as nuts and bolts has intrigued a number of designers.

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