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David Weber's At All Costs (Honor Harrington, Book 11) PDF

By David Weber

What rate victory?
The battle with the Republic of Haven has resumed . . . disastrously for the celebrity state of Manticore. Admiral woman Dame Honor Harrington, Steadholder and Duchess Harrington, the only successful Allied commander of the outlet section of the hot struggle, has been recalled from the Sidemore approach to command 8th Fleet. we all know 8th Fleet is the Alliance's fundamental offensive command, which makes it the average task for the girl the media calls “the Salamander.” yet what many of the public DOESN'T comprehend is that not just are the megastar nation and its Allies badly outnumbered via the Republic's new fleet, yet that the percentages are going to get gradually worse. 8th Fleet's activity is to someway hinder these odds from crushing the Alliance earlier than the celebrity state can regain its strategic stability. It's a task which won't be performed cost effectively. Honor Harrington needs to meet her bold duties with inferior forces while she copes with tumultuous adjustments in her own and public existence. the choice to victory is overall defeat, but this time the price of victory may be agonizingly excessive.

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A face out of a nightmare appeared above him. The skin was grey and hung in folds under eyes four times the proper size in which small irises stared out like beads in milk. Great flat ears were turned towards Dom. The musty smell was overpowering. The face was set off by a pair of large sungoggles. The phnobe was trying to speak Janglic. Dom summoned his resources and answered him in jaw-breaking phnobic. ‘A sscholar,’ said the phnobe, dryly. ‘My name is Fff-Shs. ’ ‘Not till tomorrow,’ moaned Dom.

They both heard the distant swish-swish of a flyer. The phnobe dived sideways, flipped back a section of reed and killed the island’s speed, then on the rebound flung himself down by Dom with the knife pressed against his throat. ‘Not to utter a sound,’ he said. They lay still until the flyer had faded into the distance. The phnobe was a pilac smuggler. The dagon fishermen under licence from the Board of Widdershins rode out by the hundred when the big bivalves rose up from the deep, to snatch the pearls of nacreous pilac by the light of the moon.

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