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Yuki Shiomi's Anomalous and Topological Hall Effects in Itinerant Magnets PDF

By Yuki Shiomi

This ebook offers an research of the anomalous and topological corridor results in a few itinerant ferromagnets and helimagnets via measurements of corridor results pushed through electric or warmth present. New clarifications are supplied for spin-dependent corridor results brought about by way of the Berry section, skew scattering, and scalar spin chirality.

The writer finds the scattering-free nature of the Berry-phase-induced anomalous corridor present via accomplishing the 1st comparative examine of electric and thermal corridor results. The impurity-element dependence of the anomalous corridor impact as a result of skew scattering is systematically investigated within the low-resistivity zone for Fe. new examples exhibiting a topological corridor impression are present in helimagnets, within which nonzero scalar spin chirality arises from the modulation of spin constitution via Dzyaloshinsky–Moriya (DM) interplay. this kind of DM-interaction-mediated topological corridor impact is a brand new kind of topological corridor impact. additionally the temperature dependence of topological corridor phrases within the thermal corridor impression and Nernst–Ettingshausen impact is located to be completely different from that during corridor effect.

These effects should be worthwhile for functions of spin present to units with low energy consumption.

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In this figure, the ordinate scales for the respective conductivities are determined so that the anomalous components for the both conductivities coincide with each other. For Ni, the whole field dependence of thermal Hall conductivity is fully scaled with that of the electrical one at 297 K. Below 207 K, however, the normal component of the thermal conductivity is suppressed compared with that of electrical conductivity. Below 56 K, the anomalous components of the both conductivities can hardly be discerned, but the field dependences become scaled again with each other.

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