New PDF release: Analysis and Deformulation of Polymeric Materials: Paints,

By Jan W. Gooch

`...In end, this publication might be a truly helpful resource of reference for the polymer analyst operating in academia or who has to characterise and deformulate quite a lot of polymer products.'
Polymer trying out, 18:231-232 (1999)

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An AES spectrogram of alumina is shown in Fig. 10. 10. AES spectrum of alumina, A12O3. 6. 1. Fundamentals A mass spectrometer is an apparatus that produces a supply of gaseous ions from a sample, separates the ions in either space or time according to their mass-to-charge ratios, and provides an output record or display indicating the intensity of the separated ions. Mass spectrometry is a term describing an analysis whereby matter is affected by means of ionization of the matter followed by separation of the ions according to their mass-to-charge ratio and recording of a measure of the numbers of the various ions.

ESCA spectrogram of paint pigment, lead carbonate, and calcium sulfate. 30 Chapter 2 Surface Analysis 31 The advantage of ESCA lies in its ability to provide detailed chemical information about the surface-near surface regions of solid materials. The principal feature of ESCA that contains the chemical information is the “chemical shift,” a term employed to designate the changes in “binding energy” apparently induced in many core-level, photoelectron lines as a result of changes in the chemical environment of the material.

When one tone vibrates, the rest of the molecule is involved. The harmonic (overtone) vibrations possess a frequency that represents approximately integral multiples of the fundamental frequency. A combination band is the sum of, or the difference between, the frequencies of two or more fundamental or harmonic vibrations. The uniqueness of an infrared spectrum arises largely from these bands which are characteristic of the whole molecule. The intensities of overtone and combination bands are usually about 1/100th of those of fundamental bands.

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