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FÉ¡f áé«àf ÉJGƒ°UCG ÌcCÓd RƒØdG First Preference ∫hCq G QÉ«àNG Focus Group õ«cÎdG áYƒª› Preference is an order-ranking, not a number. A method of sociological research in which a small group of people are brought together and asked a series of questions. The point is to receive qualitative information about public attitudes and test reactions to various messages and information. See Political Polling. áYƒæàe 33 Formal Vote Formal Vote - Full list /∫ƒ°UC’G Ö°ùM ´GÎbG »ª°SQ ´GÎbG A vote cast in an election or a referendum that has been marked according to the rules for that election.

HÉîàf’G Electronic media is television and radio organizations that use spoken words and/or video, as opposed to the print media that uses the written word and/or pictures. See Print Media and Mass Media. á«aGôZƒJƒØdG EVM is a piece of equipment for use in electing a candidate from among many candidates. The voter is not given a ballot paper when he first enters the polling center, he simply presses a button, or a screen, that register his/her candidate of choice. √~jôj …òdG í°Tôª∏d √QÉ«N πqé°ùJ Individual who satisfies the legal requirements to participate in the election.

HÉîàfG Payments made by political campaigns for goods or services intended to influence the outcome of an election. äÉHÉîàf’G Electoral Law The law or body of law and regulations governing the electoral process. äÉHÉîàf’G á«∏ªY ≈∏Y Electoral List/ Electoral Roll/ Voter’s List A list of names and other relevant details of persons who meet the eligibility requirements to vote. This list is used as a control document during the voting process. á«HÉîàf’G á«∏ª©dG Electoral District /á«HÉîàfG IôFGO/á≤£æe á«HÉîàf’G á©WÉ≤e Electoral Expenditures á«HÉîàfG äÉ≤Øf »HÉîàfG/ÜÉîàf’G ¿ƒfÉb áëF’/á«HÉîàfG áëF’ /Ö£°ûdG íFGƒd/ÚÑNÉædG ∫h~L/á«HÉîàfG áªFÉb ÚÑNÉædG 28 Electoral Management Body äÉHÉîàf’G IQGOEG RÉ¡L Electoral Manager »HÉîàfG ôj~e Electoral Official / Polling Official /äÉHÉîàfÓd …QGOEG º¶æe »HÉîàfG ∫hDƒ°ùe Electoral Participation á«HÉîàfG ácQÉ°ûe Electoral Process á«HÉîàfG á«∏ªY Electoral Regulations á«q HÉîàfG ÚfGƒb Electoral Roll ÚYÎ≤ŸG áëF’ Electoral Management Body - Electoral Roll The electoral management body is part of the Government, either in the Ministry of Interior or in the local government structure.

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