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This ebook, derived from the acclaimed Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's old Languages, describes the traditional languages of Asia Minor, for the ease of scholars and experts operating in that quarter. each one bankruptcy of the paintings specializes in a person language or, in a few cases, a collection of heavily similar types of a language.

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At the same time that the economic pressures on families in the global South increase, the global media bring images of consumerism to almost every household in the world, in a kind of “material striptease” (Ehrenreich and Hochschild 2002b). One of the consequences of neoliberal economic regimes in conjunction with the iconization of consumerism is an increase in international work migration, particularly of women. e. g. Anderson 2000; Hond­ agneu-Sotelo 2001; Parreñas 2001; Ehrenreich and Hochschild 2002a), including the prototypical combination of all these, being a wife.

Small cultures. Applied Linguistics 20, 237–64. Holliday, Adrian, Martin Hyde, and John Kullman. 2004. Intercultural Communi­ cation: An Advanced Resource Book. London: Routledge. Holmes, Janet and Miriam Meyerhoff. 1999. The community of practice: Theories and methodologies in language and gender research. Language in Society 28, 173–83. Hondagneu-Sotelo, Pierrette. 2001. Domés­ tica: Immigrant Workers Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence. Berkeley: University of California Press. Hymes, Dell.

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