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By Gary Bristow

* A accomplished learn consultant offering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* positive aspects approximately one thousand strength questions (and solutions) that could be requested through the technical interview for pilot positions
* extensive scope--ranges from mild plane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of best airways world wide
* comprises interviewing assistance and strategies

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Flaps set outside the takeoff range. A high flap setting outside the takeoff range will result in a large drag penalty that will reduce the aircraft's acceleration, and therefore, the takeoff run will be greatly increased before V R is attained. No or a very low flap setting outside the takeoff range on takeoff will result in a low coefficient oflift produced by the wing for a given speed, and thus a higher unstick (Vn ) speed is required to create the required lift for flight.

In a banked turn to the left, the yaw is to the right), it is opposing the turn, which is detrimental to the aircraft's performance. Adverse (aileron) yaw is corrected in the design by the use of either differential ailerons or Frise ailerons. What is aileron reversal (adverse), and when is it likely to occur? Aileron reversal occurs at high speeds when the air loads/forces are large enough that they cause an increase in lift. Because most of this lift is centered on the down-going aileron at the rear of the wing, a nosedown twisting moment will be caused.

Therefore, as fuel/weight is reduced progressively along this axis, the weight-distribution pattern changes across the aircraft's length. 2. Passenger movement. 3. High speeds. Note: This is so because the greater the speed, the greater is the lift created. To maintain a straight and level attitude, the aircraft adopts a more nose-down profile, which is accomplished by creating lift at the 18 Chapter One tailplane. This lift on the tail plane effectively reduces the weight ofthe tail plane section of the aircraft.

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