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By Robert E. Berger

A medical method of WRITING

Technical principles will be strong or maybe groundbreaking, but when those rules can't be sincerely communicated, reviewers of technical documents—e.g., proposals for examine investment, articles submitted to medical journals, and enterprise plans to commercialize technology—are prone to reject the argument for advancing those ideas.

The challenge is that many engineers and scientists, solely pleased with the good judgment and ideas of arithmetic and technology, deal with writing as though it possesses none of those attributes. The absence of a scientific framework for writing usually leads to sentences which are tough to persist with or arguments that depart reviewers scratching their heads.

This booklet fixes that challenge by means of offering a “scientific” method of writing that mirrors the sensibilities of scientists and engineers, an strategy in line with an easily-discernable set of ideas. instead of in basic terms mentioning ideas for English grammar and composition, this publication explains the explanations at the back of those ideas and exhibits that strong purposes can consultant each writing decision.

This source can also be like minded for the starting to be variety of scientists and engineers within the U.S. and in different places who communicate English as a moment language, in addition to for somebody else who simply desires to be understood.

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Essentially, which clauses are “by the way” types of remarks. While they provide some interesting or explanatory information, their absence would not substantially alter the meaning of the sentence. Thus, in Example 2, we might equally well have modified the sentence to include the words by the way: Metal rods will serve as hot-filament CVD substrates, and, by the way, these rods will be etched-off to form self-supported diamond tubes. Similarly, in Example 4, a similar modification would not have changed the meaning: Phase I will study the feasibility of using plastic heat exchangers as contactors in a CO2 stripper, and, by the way, these heat exchangers are now being commercialized in HVAC applications.

The Position of the Qualifier in a Sentence: Sentence Forms 1, 2, and 3 At this point, the discussion of qualifiers will be simplified by considering only those sentences that contain one qualifier. A single qualifier can be positioned within a sentence in only three ways: (1) before the core, (2) after the core, and (3) inside the core. Each of these possibilities can be represented generally by one of the following sentence forms: Sentence Form 1: [Qualifier] , [Core] . ] [Qualifier] . ] [Core (continued)] .

When used properly, while should indicate something that is happening at the same time as something else: The high flux will preclude users from entering the experimental area while the beam is on. [41] Instead, the word while is mistakenly used to indicate a contrasting or different condition: Original version: Metal collection surfaces are extremely heavy and easily corroded, while polymer fabric collection surfaces are not suffciently conductive to enable dry collection. [42] Revised version: Metal collection surfaces are extremely heavy and easily ­corroded, whereas polymer fabric collection surfaces are not suffciently conductive to enable dry collection.

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