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Ranciere, 2010: 37) In that sense, it is crucial to distinguish politics from policing. An action is political only if it can intervene in what is sayable and visible so that it can reconfigure already established roles and places in the community on the basis of a more egalitarian logic. As an example, Rancière describes the transformation of a domestic household into a political space. He says that a domestic household is turned into a political space not through the simple fact that power relationships are at work in it but because it is the subject of an argument in a dispute over the capacity of women in the community (Ranciere, 1998: 33).

A participant democracy also develops by providing representation opportunities for these differences and adding them to the political process.  (Akdoğan, 2004: 61) It is obvious that Akdoğan is talking about notions of liberal democracy and is trying to convey the message that not only do the AKP’s policy preferences but also the understanding of democracy overlap with these notions. In the following paragraphs, he clarifies the party’s stance towards ideology, especially towards political Islam: Pulling its conservatism away from a rigid ideological perspective towards a moderate structure and using a palliative style instead of a provocative one are the reasons why the conservative approach of the party does not turn into a burden preventing it from becoming a mass party.

Radicalism of any type is condemned and political ideologies are seen as outdated in terms of corresponding to people’s interests. Rather, service-based policymaking is appreciated and the necessities of globalism are emphasized. This view can basically be seen as the antithesis of the first view which together form a dichotomy of modern-religious. Although the second view seems to be out of kilter with this dichotomy by proving that being modern and being religious are compatible, it prevents us from discussing the third possibility which questions the political / economic paradigm of neoliberalism as a whole.

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