A Grammar of Tapiete (Tupi-Guarani) by González, Hebe Alicia PDF

By González, Hebe Alicia

This dissertation offers a linguistic description of Tapiete, a Tupi-Guarani (TG) language spoken in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. Fieldwork has been carried out in Argentina, the place approximately eighty Tapiete households are settled in "Misión Los Tapietes", Tartagal, province of Salta, northern Argentina. hence, the linguistic facts and the result of this research mirror the diversity spoken through the Tapietes dwelling in Argentina.  Read more...

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3for occurrences of this sound in other contexts. 47 ‘chili’ /e/ is an oral mid un-rounded front vowel. /heta/ [heta] heta ‘a lot’ hë ‘to go out’ awara ‘fox’ käwï ‘chicha’ huri ‘eight’ hüwä ‘black’ yoka ‘(s)he breaks’ pörä ‘beautiful’ /e/ is a nasal mid un-rounded front vowel. /he/ [he] /a/ is an oral low un-rounded front vowel. /awara/ [awaa] /a/ is a nasal low un-rounded front vowel. /kawi/ [kawi] /u/ is an oral high rounded back vowel. /huri/ [hui] /u/ is a nasal high rounded back vowel.

5. Religion At the beginning of the 20th century Protestant missionaries from Sweden and England evangelized the Chaco region in Argentina and Bolivia. Although some Tapietes were exposed to Christianity when they worked in haciendas and when they migrated to sugarcane plantations, they rejected the establishment of Catholic missions in their communities (Hirsch 2004:1-2). According to the people I interviewed, Chorotes were the first people to be converted to Christianity by Swedish missionaries.

The following chart systematizes the information offered by people I interviewed with respect to the usage of Tapiete language. 23 Ages Tapiete speaking 71 – 80 100% Tapiete and Spanish speaking Speaks Spanish and understands Tapiete Spanish monolingual from Tapiete parents 61 - 70 100% 51 - 60 91% 41 - 50 100% 31 - 40 88% 12% 21 - 30 55% 26% 18% 11 - 20 15% 42% 43% 3 - 10 3% 45% 52% 9% Table 1: Tapiete command with relation to people’s ages The chart shows the sudden adoption of Spanish by part of the population that was, up to no more than 30 years ago, Tapiete monolingual.

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