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By Cyrus Lakdawala

Cyrus Lakdawala offers an competitive commencing repertoire, in response to the Veresov commencing. This repertoire is ideal in the event you have little time for examine yet get pleasure from taking rivals out in their convenience zones.

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RhS checkmate. Since everyone saw that one coming a mile away let ' s disguise the pat­ tern rather more heavily and move on to Diagram 3 8 . 57 WINNING CHESS COMBINATIONS DIAGRAM 37. White to Play Celso G o l mayo-S a m u e l Loyd Pari s , 1 867 DIAGRAM 3 8 . Black t o Play In Diagram 3 8 , we have a real classic. Black begins the checkmating 58 Checkm ate! Recog nizing Patterns pattern of Rook and Knight with a spectacular start. 1 . Ral+! Kb l Qcl+! Qa4 Rxa4 checkmate. Ka2 Qxc2. Black wins, although not as beautifully as in the actual game.

A fine combination that maximized our Rook and Knight mat­ ing motif. B i s h o p a n d Kn i g ht M ates The concept that opposites attract and fit well together is not necessarily sound advice where Bishops and Knights are concerned. They are very different pieces performing different tasks. Personally, I've found it much easier to have my two Bishops or two Knights working in harmony. As we can easily guess, when the pieces do coordinate they click well together. As usual, in setting up a checkmating pattern the Bishop struts its stuff on the long diagonal.

Recog nizing Patterns pattern of Rook and Knight with a spectacular start. 1 . Ral+! Kb l Qcl+! Qa4 Rxa4 checkmate. Ka2 Qxc2. Black wins, although not as beautifully as in the actual game. Kb l Qxh l+, with decisive material gains. Rd l Qxa6+, with a win­ ning ending. Qb7 Nc5 ! Ka3 Qa2 checkmate. Another forgotten gem, shown in Diagram 39, is taken from Edward Winter' s Chess Notes. Ka2 Brings us the position shown in Diagram 3 9 . Qb6! Rxb6?? Ra6 Rxa6, checkmate. Which White, of course, refuses.

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