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By Abel Segura Fontarnau

El libro try que tiene en sus manos pretende conseguir como objetivo divertir aprendiendo, a los angeles vez que, con l. a. realización de cada uno de los 50 assessments que lo componen, sirva al lector para que pueda auto-evaluarse el nivel de conocimientos que tiene del ajedrez. Principalmente, l. a. obra va dirigida a cualquier aficionado c

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Once a missile has been Ared the counter is forfeited and that man cannot Are again. Men may also move and capture normally whether or not they have used their missiles, thus one tactic is to exchange men without missiles for those with missiles. The inventor proposes a number of variations: vary the number of missiles by type of piece; allow each player to allocate missiles as he sees At (there would have to be restrictions on the queen); and give pieces both missiles and shields. A shield negates a missile attack but is destroyed by it (personal communication including a cutting from an unidentified source).

Once a clearance has been made, further attacks may be revealed when these too are resolved, and so on. The object is to annihilate the opposition. Created as a problem theme (Fairy Chess Review, December 1941) but play is possible. John Bosley fostered a progressive version of the game. In Autorifle Chess (Ralph Betza after Bill Rawlings, 1977) there is no obligation to capture, but if a capture is made all possible captures must be made with that piece (Nost-algia 211). The player can decide in which direction to shoot first, but must then continue to shoot along that line as Unorthodox ways of capturing 41 long as there are targets before changing direction of fire.

36 Games using an ordinary board and men Once the pawn has promoted, K+Q v K is straightforward. K+R v K is not, but the win had been recognised by 1914 and a complete analysis by H. A. Adamson was published in the Chess Amateur in 1923. K+2B v K is normally won and has been claimed as always won, but Thomas Ferguson has pointed out that if all White’s men are within the central 16 squares his first move outside this region must risk dropping a bishop or giving stalemate; as with K+P v K, the attacker cannot guarantee to win though he can play so as to make the probability of failure as small as he likes (Variant Chess 49).

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