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By Wen-Hsing Chiang

This ebook and CD-ROM supply an entire simulation procedure for modeling groundwater circulation and delivery techniques. The spouse full-version software program (PMWIN) comes with a qualified graphical user-interface, supported types and courses and several beneficial modeling instruments. instruments contain a Presentation instrument, a end result Extractor, a box Interpolator, a box Generator, a Water funds Calculator and a photo Viewer. booklet and CD-ROM are particular at beginner and skilled groundwater modelers.

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The initial concentration is specified by selecting Models | MT3D | Initial Concentration, Models | MT3DMS | Initial Concentration, or Models | RT3D | Initial Concentration. 4 Top of Layers (TOP) The top elevation of a layer is required when one of the following conditions applies. PMWIN Pro will check these conditions (except the last one) prior to running a model simulation. 1. The BCF package is selected and layer type 2 or 3 is used. 2. The BCF package is selected and VCONT to the underlying layer is calculated by PMWIN Pro.

Polyline method input Switch to the Polyline input method. Grid view Switch to the Grid View display mode. Map view Switch to the Map View display mode. Column View Switch to the column cross-sectional display mode. Row View Switch to the row cross-sectional display mode. Duplication on/off If duplication is turned on, the size of the current row or column will be copied to all rows or columns passed by the grid cursor. Duplication is on, when this button is depressed. Layer, Column on/off Row, Copy When this button is depressed, Layer/row/column copy is on and the following rules apply: (1) If the display mode is Grid View or Map View, when moving to another layer the zones and cell values of the current layer will be copied to the destination layer; (2) If the display mode is Row View, when moving to another column the cell values of the current row crosssection will be copied to the destination row cross-section; (3) If the display mode is Column View, when moving to another column the cell values of the current column cross-section will be copied to the destination column cross-section.

Fig. 14. 4 The Grid Menu – • • • • 31 Type 3: A layer of this type is fully convertible between confined and unconfined. Confined storage coefficient (specific storage × layer thickness) is used to calculate the rate of change in storage, if the layer is fully saturated, otherwise specific yield will be used. During a flow simulation, transmissivity of each cell varies with the saturated thickness of the aquifer. Vertical leakage from above is limited if the layer desaturates. Note that the LPF package uses only two layer types - confined and convertible.

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