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By Raymond P. Scheindlin

Most often used Arabic verbs are conjugated, one verb to a web page. A centred evaluate of Arabic verb kinds for either starting and complicated scholars.

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2 Work without normative elements 35 Firth’s work was followed by House’s study on misunderstandings in intercultural communication (1999). House focused on a classroom setting to study ELF communication; however, the setting was a simulated one set up for research purposes and did not lend itself to authentic communication. The participants did not really feel the need to communicate most likely because of the nature of the setting where there was nothing at stake. g. Björkman 2011; Kaur 2009; Mauranen 2006b).

The answer: English as a lingua franca As I mentioned in the introductory notes to this chapter, there is another perspective one could adopt with regard to the widespread use of English in Europe today. Using English in a number of international domains does not have to mean Englishization or Americanization nor does it have to be linked to linguistic imperialism, provided that efforts are made in validating and legitimizing its use by its non-native speakers. This brings the need to describe its use by its non-native speakers from different L1 backgrounds in international settings.

Non-exact repetition or partial repetition) and paraphrasing (Lichtkoppler 2007: 43–44). e. repetition for time-gaining, utterance developing, repetition for prominence, repetition that ensures accuracy, repetition that signals listenership and establishes cohesion. All these types of repetition are reported to have three main functions, namely helping the participants with language production, supporting mutual understanding and enabling participants to show their attitudes and opinion (Lichtkoppler 2007: 59).

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