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Vital e-book with a clearty from well-known Gambit courses

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37 'ii'xd7?? l2Jc2+ and White has the choice of exiting via Idea 1 or 2) 35 ... �g6!! What's this - surely the king is not com­ ing to the party? Well, not all the way. To un­ derstand Black's last two moves take a look again at diagram 22a. Black has a positional advantage in the form of the superior minor piece but while his knight and queen are both active, the rook is passive and Black needs its active participation to increase the pressure. Even armed with this knowledge it's still a giant step to finding the extraordi­ nary ..

B2 e5? (this looks simply unplayable) 13 dxe5 dxe5 (48b) 14 1Wa5! (an unexpected fork) 14 ... lDa6 15 b5! b6 (Black can't have enjoyed playing this, but 1 5 ... cxb5 1 6 cxbS lbcS 17 b6 ! e6 20 lDcb5 a6 21 lDd6 iVc7 (48c) 22 lDb7! 1-0. White's original opening play made Dolmatov, one of the world's leading authorities on the Dutch, look like a rank be­ ginner. •. 'ii'c7 J OJ A ITACKING IDEAS IN CHESS Idea 49 - 65 Surprising Castling The longer the game progresses without a player having exercised his right to castle, the more likely that castling, if it happens, will have a shock effect.

Time to blast open the kingside; 20 ltJxd5 "ikf7 is less clear) 20 ... ) 21 lLlxd5! xf5 ! ) 22 lldg1 +! �h8 23 e6+ lLif6 (23 ... xf5 ! l:[xh7+! l:[a7 (46c) (both 24 ... xh7 ! and 24... 1:[g8 25 Wxf6+ ! xh7! 'ifxh7 26 'iWxa7! 1-0. The wait was almost worth it. J OJ A TTACKING IDEAS IN CHESS Idea 47 Sicilian - ltJd5 Sacrifices in the The �d5 sacrifice is part of Sicilian folk­ lore. Sometimes it is played to develop an attack on the e-file or to keep the black king in the centre. On other occasions the aim is to follow up with �d4-f5.

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